Sharing personal Experience in Your Admission Essay:

When writing any form of admission essay, whether it is for hopeful acceptance into a college or program of some sort, for a job, or whatever it may be; personal experience is a wonderful attribution that can truly separate your essay from the other hundred essays in the person in charge of admission’s paper stack. Once you have decided to take the brave step to include personal experience in your admission’s essay (good for you!), the next step is to make sure that you integrate your personal experience correctly into your essay.

The first thing that you should ask yourself once you decide you would like to include personal experiences in your admission essay is whether or not this information or “experience” serves the topic of your essay in a positive way. Do not simply add in your story of personal experience just for the sake of it. Only add your experiences if you truly believe that it will help you progressively develop and steer the plotline of the essay in the right direction. If you have reevaluated your story in regards to your essay and have still decided to include it, then it is now a matter of “how”.

What To Avoid When Writing Your Admissions Essay

You want to try and steer away from beginning your essay with your personal experience. You want to begin your essay with the topic of discussion and then offer your personal experience story as an example of your opinion of the topic. Once you develop your story and it flows to the place you feel you should add your personal experience, do it so in as factual of a way as you can. Of course you must personalize it with your own voice and opinions, but aim for the purpose of including your story to explain the general topic of the essay instead of branching on a new topic of your feelings towards the story. Also remember that the less details of your personal story you can include to convey your point; the better. You don’t want to add every single, little detail about your story to the point where your essay becomes homage to your experience rather than an intellectual essay. Always come back to the “why” when it comes to talking about your story.

In your conclusion, make sure you allude back to your personal experience as a reference to further reiterate that you had a just point in including it in your story. As long as you keep coming back to the “why”, you should have a brilliant personal essay in no time.