Problems Of Sexual Misconduct


Sexual misconduct can happen in potentially any situation, including workplace, hospital, school, university or even a police station. Problems of sexual misconduct are complex to identify in real life situation as it is difficult to differentiate the cases of normal sexual conduct between two individuals with a sexual misconduct. It is difficult to identify misconduct reported by victims on the basis of the traditional psychophysiological assessment criteria and therefore the polygraph technique may be recommended for better assessment.


Sexual misconduct has been recognized as a serious problem in today’s world and cannot be solved by merely addressing the proceedings against the criminal after the assault has taken place. After the sexual misconduct has taken place, it becomes painful for the victim to report the entire incident to the necessary authorities such as police officers or senior employees at the workplace and many victims avoid reporting of such cases to avoid embarrassment.

The American Medical Association has referred sexual abuse as silent-violent epidemic in the year 1995. The complexity of this issue can be assessed from the fact that sexual misconduct is a prominent issue in countries such as USA where many women have confessed to have experienced forced sex in their lives. It is important to devise preventive strategies in order to identify situations that may be prone to sexual misconduct. Situations where women are often on the weaker side (such as need for a job break or promotion in a job may) make sexual assaulters stronger to engage in such misconduct. It is therefore important to address the issues in the society so as to provide equal rights to both males and females thus preventing such cases.

It may be inappropriate to think that only females are subjected to sexual misconduct. There have been cases of sexual harassment of males by their female colleagues at work place. Therefore, there is a need for stringent laws to prevent sexual misconduct at a workplace that apply to both genders and also prevent misuse of such laws by either sex for their advantage. Misreporting of sexual conduct cases are also commonly seen where females tend to file case of sexual misconduct on their partners due to disagreements.


Sexual misconduct can take place in any situation and at any place. It is important for individuals to prevent themselves from being trapped in such situations and also report accurately about such incidents to the law authorities.