Good Online Admission Essay Writers Are Expensive

It’s true that it’s hard to find good essay writers for cheap online. Sure you can find plenty of cheap essay writers who are subpar at best and plenty of expensive ones who are good at a minimum, but it don’t mean that you can’t find decently priced essay writers at all. For instance, the writers who work with admission essays at professional application writing companies are considered the best in the college essay writing industry.

Admission Freelance Writing Sites

The loophole to online essay writing sites is freelance sites. They’re great for a number of reasons for the buyer:

  • Negotiable pricing
  • In some cases you can set milestones
  • The client has the power and not the writing site

Negotiable Pricing

This has to be the biggest pro for clients. Since you post your jobs, you can state what the price will be for the assignment. The contractors on the site then bid for your job and you can award the job to either the most qualified or the writer with the best pricing for their services. The downside to this is that you might get what you pay for. So even though you posted a job at $60 and the winning bid was $25, you could end up with very salty work done.

Also take into account that freelance writers don’t work on last minute assignments. This means that while there is a time window of sorts, if you need the essay in two days—which you shouldn’t if you have your syllabus and could post the assignment far earlier—you might be out of luck.


Some freelancer sites allow you to set milestones for a contractor to meet before they are paid. Once a milestone is met—usually by sending in a portion of work up to that point—some money is released from escrow. This ensures that you get something in case the deal sours.

Client Power

When working with freelancers, the client wields most of the power. Freelancers can work on a variety of jobs at varying paces as they see fit, but the client can handle their own pricing and grade a worker according for a salty job, a late job, or a job well done. Grading a contractor also effects their market value, so chances are if you have a contractor who has been working through that site for a while, you’ve got yourself a good hand.