Nursing Admission Essay: How to Write One

Students thinking of going into Nursing may find that they must get their master degree in order to qualify. One of the standards of getting into a graduate program or nursing program is to write an admissions essay. This essay is mandatory and will help the admissions board make the right choices for their admissions. Many nursing students are unaware or unfamiliar with the process of writing these types of essay. Many may also believe that creating one will be incredibly difficult and be very frustrating as well. The truth is that this is one of the simplest essays for a nursing student to write.

What the Admissions Boards are Looking For

The Admissions boards at any nursing home are looking for a student that shows them some outstanding skill and has achieved some awards or accolades during their tenure at school. Many of these admissions boards are looking for more than just a reflection of your school work, they also want to know how you were motivated to this point. They want to understand your inner drives and desires as well as what talents you plan to bring to their nursing school. The best thing for a nursing student to do is to take a look at some examples of good admissions essays and get a feel for how they are written. These example can be found online and used at the student's discretion.

How to Write One

Writing this type of essay requires a student to do some soul searching and find a topic that best reflects them as an individual. It is important that the topic reflect the students dreams, desires and accomplishments as these are the things that the board is looking for. Many times it is a good idea to create a brainstorm of work that can be used later on. This process will help a person create a rough draft that will be used to revise some of the ideas found from the brainstorm. The rough draft should be written with black or blue ink and corrected or revised with red ink. The color red will help the student remember that this portion is not important.

Some ideas for nursing students to write about are different events that have made you especially proud of yourself. These moments may be scholastic in nature or not, but either way the board will be reading it trying to get to know you. The best way to do this is to find a topic or subject about nursing that you are truly happy or proud of.

Final Copy and Submission

The final copy of the work should come after you are thoroughly satisfied with the creation of your paper. This paper will hold all of your best ideas and be format according to the instructions and directions found on the application. Many students should re read their final copy before submitting it, simply for grammatical errors that may be present. Once completely satisfied with the work a student will submit it to the board and wait for approval.