Paper writing tips: developing your analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is considered a creative writing tool that can help you see things differently. Related elements can help solve problems more effectively since concepts are thought out more clearly. Some may refer to this type of thinking as critical thinking. The idea is to evaluate the situation at hand carefully and think about potential ideas or solutions for the issue or problem at hand. Doing this for academic paper writing assignments may have its challenges, but there are a few tips to consider when developing analytical thinking skills:

  • Consider all sides of your topic or situation. Sometimes it is a matter of just taking a few moments to understand viewpoints associated. Do you agree or disagree and do you understand supporting evidence both sides would have?

  • Compare strengths and weaknesses. Writing a paper can have both depending on the topic and the ability of the writing student. If you understand your topic well enough to present useful information this may be considered a strong point. If you are not sure how to provide practical evidence for your main idea or argument, you may have a weak spot that could make proving your argument more challenging.

  • Try to break down your topic or potential idea. Some may think about the concept of brainstorming. You may want to write down different thoughts and ideas that come to mind when you think about your topic. Breaking it down relates back to the first point mentioned about taking time to understand your topic and other sides connected to it. This aspect is important because you do not want to rush and make a decision or assumption if you do not know pieces related to the concept in general.

  • Take your time forming your conclusion. Your conclusion will state what you have learned or to assume. If shows how well or how much you reviewed your concept. It also shows how clear your understanding is of the subject matter. If you are able to provide a variation of information on your topic it shows you took time to really think about it.

  • Review skills and other ways to improve your thinking. There are experts that claim you can improve the way you think through mental exercises and even practice writing assignments. Overtime, it may help you tackle problems more efficiently and quickly while reducing stress and pressure.