Essay Writing Hints: what is Brainstorming?

If you need to write an essay then you may have wondered if there are any practical methods that you can use to assist you. It is quite possible that you heard of brainstorming; however, you may not be entirely certain what this means. In fact, it is a very simple and effective method which can help promote a variety of ideas which you can then work with and it is certainly worth considering if you have to write an essay.

How does brainstorming work

Essentially, brainstorming involves thinking of as many ideas as possible. It doesn’t necessarily require every idea to be brilliant or usable, but simply by creating ideas, the idea is that you should come up with something that can help you. Equally, it is possible that by coming up with numerous ideas, this can help to trigger further ideas based on these. As a result, it can be very effective at helping you to think of good topics and logical relevant arguments for an essay.

The best way to go about brainstorming is simply to sit down with pen and paper and get all your ideas down. If you think of an idea, then write it down and it is worth exploring then potentially any further ideas linked to this main thought. Continue this process to develop a range of topics and ideas that you can work with, potentially linking between different things that you come across.

When writing an essay, when is a good time to brainstorm

Brainstorming can be used any time during the essay writing process; however, it is most effective when used at the very beginning. The idea is that it helps you to develop ideas and themes that you will write about in your essay during the planning stage of writing your work.

When you are trying to develop a structure of your essay, it is incredibly beneficial to have an idea of what to include at every stage. In this way, using brainstorming to formulate a plan can help to save time in the long run.

Brainstorming compared to other methods to assist with essay writing

There is no reason why brainstorming should be used in conjunction with other essay writing methods. In fact, it is definitely a good idea to use as many different ways of coming up with ideas and structures and plans as possible. When it comes to creating ideas in the first place though, brainstorming does rate very highly and will give you a great platform from which to work with.