Math Homework Tips: Finding a Tutor

Math homework can be some of the most difficult homework you encounter in your academic career. While some students have an aptitude for math, this isn’t the case for the majority. The issue is compounded by the fact that many students fail to learn basic concepts in their grade school math classes, earning passing grades simply by turning in work they don’t understand. By the time they progress to university level mathematics courses, catching up is extremely difficult. At this stage, having some help outside of class is almost a necessity.

Options for Assistance

Some students immediately resort to paying someone else to complete their assignments for them. While this can work in terms of salvaging a single grade, it’s a poor strategy if one has other math courses to take in the future. That’s because it doesn’t solve the problem at its foundation: the student doesn’t understand the concepts necessary to complete the work on his or her own. However, finding some additional instruction can not only help students salvage a failing grade but can also help them to prepare for future courses and enrich their knowledge. Students can request tutoring help by talking to their instructor or the head of their department to see if their school offers tutoring programs. However, many universities don’t have the time or resources to offer these services, so students must seek out other alternatives.

Free Help

Students can often get help by forming a study group with people in their class. They can also post that they are forming a study group as well as its time and location in a central place where students in similar courses might see it. While this isn’t formal tutoring for the most students have different strengths and weaknesses. By doing their homework together, they’re able to help one another.

Paid Tutors

Students can also advertise in their school paper or online that they’re seeking a tutor for help with their math coursework. While free services can be a great help, those students who need intensive one-on-one assistance may find they are better served by hiring a tutor. It’s well worth the investment because a few months of tutoring can help a student make up for the previous concepts they didn’t learn successfully. In the future, they might find they’re able to progress individually without addition aid from tutors or study groups.