Looking for scholarship essay format example

So you have the important task of writing a scholarship essay. You obviously want to be successful, you obviously want to gain that scholarship and be part of that particular college. Well here are some important tips.

  • follow specific instructions
  • choose the right font
  • choose top quality paper
  • print it well
  • place it in a large envelope
  • proof read it

One of the biggest mistakes any college aspirant can make is that they write a brilliant scholarship essay but do not follow specific instructions. If the college wants you to write about your own achievements, about your life in general and your work in the community, then spending time discussing your academic record is not answering the question. Stick to the relevant topic.

Make your essay look good. This takes in a whole range of points. The choice of font is important. These days there are hundreds of fonts and a tendency is to be clever and use something a little way out. Wrong. Stick to the tried and tested fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma and Calibri. If the requirement is that you use a specific font size then follow the instruction. Otherwise 12 points is a recommended size with 14 points for any headings. The layout and appearance of your essay is just as important as the content of your work.

This essay carries a lot of weight

This is a very important piece of work. Do not spoil it by using some cheap and flimsy paper. Print on the best quality paper you can find. That in itself is impressive and when you follow the format, answer the question specifically asked and write well, then you give yourself the greatest chance of being successful. Appearances matter.

Little things like checking for all typos and about not having a smudge or crease on the paper are important. And unless otherwise instructed, do not fold your essay. Place it in an envelope the same size as the page.

And finally check and recheck your work. And don't only rely on your own ability to find mistakes. Ask someone with a good grasp of English to go over your work for you.

You should know that it is a competitive world out there. Your essay will be measured alongside a raft of others. Not every essay is a winner. But by following the above tips and planning well, you give yourself the greatest chance of winning.