One of the newest religions in America is that Mormonism. Mormonism developed around the 1800s. It is said that Joseph Smith was a young boy who at the time that Methodist churches and Protestant churches were competing with local Baptist churches for members to their congregation, praying to God for direction as to which church was the true church and which church you should follow. Instead of receiving a reply as to which church you should join the history of the Mormon Church alleges that Joseph Smith was told that he should not join any of the current churches and should instead create one of his own.

It is with this reply from God that he set out to create the church of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as Mormons. This was not an easy decision for the young boy. It resulted in multiple times being tarred and feathered, multiple times being pushed out of his home living out in the middle of the night with his family, and many other forms of abuse. He was not the only one to endure this abuse. All of those who followed him also endured the same criticism and significant abuse.

Members of the Mormon church regularly pushed out their home in the middle of the night and driving west they were told time and time again that they could have particular areas of land and yet when somebody else Of significant political influence was moving to western areas that the Mormons had accommodated, they were forced to leave yet again and move further west. Driven from their homes for decades, they eventually settled in what is now Utah where they remain today in large quantities.

The Mormon Church Is a conservative religion focused on family values and strong participation in community service. It is an unspoken rule that all men must complete a mission during which time there sent around the world for two years to proselytize and convert others to the Mormon faith. These young boys are taken from their church and the members claim that their faith in the word and the messages received by Joseph Smith is so strong that they are willing to put their faith in the hands of young boys. While an interesting joke, church does have significantly more text than most Christian faiths. In addition to the Old Testament and the New Testament members of the Mormon Church add to their scriptures the book of Mormon, the pearl of great price, and doctrine and covenants. It is said that these additional scriptures were founded by Joseph Smith at the direction of an angel, uncovered and translated in spite of his ignorance and Illiteracy were translated after which they were taken back up to heaven.