The Challenges and Opportunities of Being an IT Manager


An Information Technology manager is the person responsible for the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure in an organization. An IT manager analyzes the operational requirements of an organization, researches solutions and technology, and puts up the most efficient and cost-effective system that can achieve organizational goals of the company. In an IT manager’s line of duty, he is bound to encounter favorable and unfavorable occurrences. This essay looks at the challenges and opportunities of being an IT administrator.


Every IT manager is sure to encounter three most common challenges. The first challenge is robust data flow. The nature of information is that it flows irregularly, and it is subject to material fluctuations. Fluctuation in the flow of information can prove detrimental if not take care of in good time. The second problem is ever increasing costs. Rising costs mostly affect IT managers who are assigned in the area of electronic data processing. The third most common problem facing IT managers is inadequacy in sensitivity with regards to data security. This challenge not only leads to breaches but also legal ramifications. The more sophisticated electronic data processing is, the less security there is. In addition, IT managers are often required to put in more working hours.


There are numerous opportunities within the reach of IT managers. IT managers enjoy continuous training in their career to advance and keep up with the ever-changing technology. They are likely to receive a mix of technical and business training in their workplaces. IT managers, just like other managers, have the opportunity of training their juniors on some managerial tasks. This training enables them to delegate some tasks and focus more on higher responsibilities. Finally, as the world revolutionizes and adopts technology with completeness, there are increased job openings for IT personnel and more so IT managers.


In conclusion, IT managers are responsible for directing and coordinating activities in relation to the use of computers and technology in an organization. Research has indicated that employment opportunities for IT managers rises over fifteen percent every other year. Most of IT managers are required to work full time with a few cases of more than forty hours a week. There is also guaranteed skills enhancement in IT managers as they are taken through training now and then to keep their know-how up to date. IT managers face a manageable number of challenges which they are prepared for from their training and experience.