Personal Essay Prompts: Applying to Several Institutions

Many students begin their college experiences with their dream college already in mind. Sadly, only a few students get accepted to their number on choice and find themselves sending out applications to several colleges in order to see which ones they can get into. When you are applying to several institutions, you face the possibility of having to write a personal essay for every application. The temptation here often is to just send in the same essay to all of the colleges, but this not the smartest decision if you are serious about making the best impression you possibly can on the committee that reads the essays and decides whether or not you are accepted into the program. It is in your best interest to write a separate essay for each and every application you are sending out.

Yes, this means there is more work for you, but this is your future hanging in the balance and you should put your best effort into each and every application. Many times simply using the same essay for all applications will not work because you are given different topics to write on by the college application committees. One application may ask you to talk about something that happened during your academic career and another might ask you to talk about something happening in current events that impacts you. The likelihood of being able to use the same essay for both of these applications is slim. And if you do just send out duplicate essays, you weaken your application and therefore reduce the chance of impressing the selection committee with your essay and your application. Also, each committee may be looking for something different in the essay and what works for one may not work for another- a college that focuses on technology will not be as impressed with an essay talking about your personal struggles and a college that has a focus on medical or hospitality will not be as impressed with an essay that hits on new technology advances. So make sure you take the time to do a good job on each essay.

Your academic future hangs in the balance so make sure you make the effort to do your absolute best on each and every application your fill out and every essay you write. Do not risk losing your spot in the college of your dreams by skimping out on the essay!