Principals influence on school culture, instruction and achievement - Essay Example

School principals or head masters are the top ranking administrators who are leading the operation processes at school. It is hardly believed that before twentieth century those positions didn't exist in the then educational institutions. Nowadays the role of head masters grows with every day as schools are transformed into more complex and high level organizations.

Principals are responsible for the general management, development and leadership of the school within governmental policies. As the leaders principals are the ones who show a good example building a positive culture at the place. Everything what is going on at school is affected with culture. It shows a common mental level of people: how they think, what they wear, feel or how they act.That's why principals state the appropriate cultural policy that is a must to follow.

Another important activity of principals at schools is providing strict instructions. The studying process is never ideal and there is always something that should be improved. At this point principals try to better instruction to enable teachers to work to the fullest and encourage them to seek new knowledge.

It is impossible not to notice the part of principals at student achievement. High results are the top priority. That's why principals lead teachers in studying process, control how they assess for learning, what student progress exactly is and why, check how the data is used by teachers for adjusting instruction that is based on student needs etc.

In our days schools are getting more and more challenging, and principals in there are the ones who can keep high standards and develop the studying process.