I Need Someone to do My Homework for Me

If your child is struggling with a subject or even just a section within the subject, they may think they may need someone to do their homework for them, but all they may need is a little guidance. With extra help on the subject matter they are struggling with will help students better understand it and allow them to do better in their class. There are many ways in which a student can get help with their homework or with the subject they are having a hard time understanding.

Help at Home

Either an older sibling or a parent who understands the subject can sit with the student when they do their homework and help them where they are struggling. Sometimes seeing how other people solve a math problem or a little extra advice on the subject can help a student understand the subject better. Teachers cannot always give one on one instruction to students because of their class size, so a little extra help on the topic at home may be all they need. The parent or sibling shouldn't do the student's homework for them, but guide them through it.

Hire a Tutor

For students who cannot grasp a subject, hiring a tutor to work with them one on one can help a student get the extra help they need. The tutor can give the students instructions on the work they are doing in school. The tutor can also help by giving them the individual attention that some students need in order to get a better grasp on the subject matter. For instance, if they are struggling with math, extra time with a tutor may be able to help them understand how to solve the equations or math problems they are having trouble doing. Individual tutors can also be found online or students can enroll in programs offered by private companies for extra instruction.

Use Online Resources

Some websites online can give a student help with their homework. There are older students and teachers that volunteer their time on free sites to help students with subjects they are struggling to learn. The student can interact with teachers online and get the help they need. There are sites for students of all ages for all types of subjects. Many school districts and states have online homework help sites set up for the specific subjects that students from that district study in school.