What you have to know about writing a personal essay

Essay writing is a process of writing that requires certain methodology and steps to follow. If you want to create an impressive essay then you must follow a standardized format. Most of the times, students do not know what exactly they should include in an essay and what are the extra or unnecessary information that they should avoid mentioning in an essay. Essay must always be precise, correct and to the point. You do not need to write lame stories in an essay. There come many times or occasions in life when you have to write an essay on your own. In student life, no one can ever escape from writing an essay. You must be familiar with all steps of essay writing to create an effective essay. Essay writing is a task that you can be needed at any time in your life. Students usually get confused about the understanding of their topic or they find difficulty in starting the introduction of their essay. They do not feel confident about the beginning of their essay while beginning of an essay is very important aspect of an essay. Beginning or introduction of an essay must be very impressive and catchy so that it involves the reader right from the start.

In this article you are provided with a basic outline that you need to follow while creating a good essay for you. Following are the important steps:

  • Topic:
  • You must have an understanding of your topic. You should research your topic from different sources like books, newspaper, internet, Libraries and journals etc.

  • Critical Approach:
  • Your approach must be critical while reading any kind of information related to your title or topic of essay.

  • Thesis Statement:
  • Thesis statement is the first line in which you need to introduce your topic with a logical argument. Thesis statement should always be grammatically correct, catchy and logical.

  • Introduction:
  • First of all you need to write an introductory paragraph in which you should introduce your topic.

  • Body of the essay:
  • After introduction you construct the body of your essay. It should contain two or three paragraphs containing examples and illustration, logical argumentation in support of your thesis statement.

  • Conclusion:
  • Conclusion should always be added in the end of the essay. Never ever forget to write the conclusion. If you have short time limit then also you must write conclusion.