Seeking Al Capone Speech Help Online

As one of the best known gangsters in history, Al Capone is often studied in terms of the influence he has had both on later organized criminals and on popular culture. As well as being a popular subject for essays and research papers he can also be used to illustrate many points in a speech. Whether you're talking about the pervasive nature of organized crime or the potential consequences of badly thought out laws, Al Capone still has a lot to tell us.

If you want to give a speech that refers to Al Capone, whether focused entirely on him or just including an interesting quote, there are plenty of sources available online to help you out. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Wikipedia. It has a bad reputation in some quarters, but in fact studies have shown that in most cases Wikipedia is as accurate as any other encyclopaedia. You obviously need to beware of vandals and parodists, but in general it's a good source. Even better, the article's reference section suggests many other sources that can be used.
  2. Quote sites. The internet has many sites with lists of quotes from famous people. Many of them have a selection of quotes from Capone, usually justifying his activities or making comparisons between his own (illicit) alcohol business and those of contemporaneous capitalists.
  3. Newspaper archives. Using quotes from old newspapers can add colour to any speech about a historical subject. At the peak of his criminal career Capone was widely reported, both for his crimes, his lifestyle and his charitable activities. As well as the archives of individual newspapers there are online services where old articles can be searched and retrieved, wither free or for a small fee.
  4. History sites. There are many sites on history, maintained by museums, educational institutions and private enthusiasts. Information about Capone can be found both on sites dedicated to organised crime, general 1920s US history and Prohibition.
  5. Writing services. If you're stuck for sources it's possible to get an online writing service to write the speech for you. This has the advantage that a professional writer will be doing the research and writing for you.

Whatever sources you decide to use, there is a lot of information available about Capone's career, crimes, philosophy and public image. His philosophy is particularly interesting. Capone is on record as comparing himself to legitimate businessmen, which he felt himself to be. Despite his brutality to rivals many shared his basic opinion that the Volstead Act itself was the problem and that he was providing a public service by circumventing it. It's a good way to add perspective to the actions of major firms today.