4 Reasons NOT To Buy Custom Paper

When students get intimidate by their research assignment, they may seek a professional writing service to complete it for them.  Custom writing services are becoming available in record numbers. While they seem to offer harmless benefits, there are things you should know before doing business with these companies.  Many clients who have tried their services have reported bad experiences and even false advertising with claims of providing quality unique content.   Plagiarism claims, poor grades and even school and student reputations have been hurt with illegitimate writing services. So what are reasons why people are not recommending students to use custom writing services?

  1. Teachers and instructors can often tell when the work presented is not that of the student.  Instructors are aware these types of websites exist and know that students may pay or hire someone to do their essay.  Often, if the content surpasses or is below the ability of the student, it’s a dead giveaway.  Remember, students also do writing assignments in class so the instructor likely knows what to expect from you.  Instructors often want an electronic copy to run a plagiarism check.  Custom paper may not always claim it will pass such checks.
  2. Custom essays may not be original.  Many companies claim to offer unique content written from scratch.  Yet, some sites may not give you full rights to the content that was created, meaning you may not be purchasing the rights of the assignment.  This means it is more likely to be resold and pop up on free essay sites that allow people to view and download it.  Your instructor may find a copy of the essay online if they decide to run a plagiarism check.
  3. Custom papers are not cheap after several uses.  College students are known for spending money and being out of it.  The average cost a so-called professional writing service may charge is between $10 and $20.  If you have money to burn and don’t intend to get much out of your education, it may be worth it to you. 
  4. Many don’t think about the consequences if they get caught.  It is a form of cheating and many educational institutions will not tolerate dishonesty, especially if their reputation is on the line.  Such sites try to make strong points to potential customers that it is legal to hire someone, but the fact is cheating is wrong.  Don’t get caught up in the testimonials either since you can’t tell if they are real.