Defending your Thesis

Stories have been told about how doctoral students spend years working on their thesis only to be frustrated the last minute when the committee rejects it. All the effort is lost and usually there seems to be no hope of ever completing the degree program. Nobody wishes for such a thing to happen to them. However, what they do not know is what to do during their defense to avoid such a frustration.

Many people always lose their confidence just out of fear of defending their thesis. This is always the case because they rarely take time to understand what thesis defense is all about. Here are a few tips to help you make the best out of your thesis defense.

To begin with, take the defense process just as a misnomer. For a defense to be called for there is always a thing that is being investigated whether you will bring it forth well. Do not get panic just by the sight of the committee members. If anything, these are supposed to give you more strength. You chose the committee members. Thus, they believe in you and would be expecting the best from you.

It is advisable to view the defense a conversation, of course professional, all about a topic that most interests you. Therefore, have in mind that the committee is not meant to humiliate you I any way. Their work is to offer you the required support to ensure that you complete your degree program successfully.

The success of any thesis defense depends largely on how prepared on is. Preparing during the last minute is not advisable as this leaves you having panicked. Take your time to interact on one-on –one with all individuals forming up the committee. This serves to clear any doubts about the defense.

Several programs in the doctoral section always offer chances for candidates to attend defense meetings which are not theirs. This serves to give you the confidence that you require along with acquainting you to what is required during the defense. Probability is that one becomes more prepared after attending other doctorial meetings.

Exude a Professional Image; prior to attending any thesis defense, try as much as you can to calm yourself. Remember that during the defense, your confidence is highly looked at. Your general appearance not only gives you self confidence but also instills some hope in the committee members.