Who Can Help You Write Your Thesis Statement?

Many writing services can do your thesis statement. You’ll want to decide which one works best for you and the best way to do that is to know the pricing style and how to find a legit site.


As with any service, the pricing method can be very make or break as far as you actually using it. This should not be the case most of the time as most legit service sites use an industry specific price range that might be a bit higher or a bit lower than the average. Sites that are much, much cheaper than the average are usually scam sites and should be approached with some concern.

The pricing method goes by the kind of essay, the level of writer, and the time window multiplied by the amount of pages. It’s best to use the order forms on these sites to get quotes for prices and compare them to others.

A thesis statement is a little difficult to determine the pricing since it’s simply a part of the greater essay.

Regardless, there are some essay writing services that will actually tackle the thesis stamen and price it as they see if. Ask the service via their helpline to see if they are able to do just the thesis statement.

Finding A Legit Site

Review Sites

Review sites will often list essay writing services in a list of greatest to worst along with pros and cons. Take note of these and check the prices here yourself. Sometimes the number one or number two rated essay service isn’t for you and the others might get it done for you based on price.

College Community Forums

These require a bit of search and scrounging around. There are plenty threads and posts to navigate, but the forum’s search feature should help. The thing with using a forum is that most people are telling you how they really feel about using a service and if that service is worth using in a more personal matter. These forums also allow you to share your experiences with others so that other students can find a good service.


Freelance writers will definitely do your thesis statement and you can select the max bid price you’ll pay. Chances are you could end up paying less than you posted. Another option is to work with someone on campus.