Personal Statement Tips: Be Concise

The No Nonsense Approach To Personal Statement Writing

The key word in the term personal statement is "personal". The number one mistake that students make when they sit down to write their personal statement for their college admission or university application is that they forget to make the statement personalized about them. Instead they opt for vague statements and cliché' narrative. It is like when the beauty pageant contestant says "I will create world peace if I win". No you won't, and you will not create world peace (most likely) if you accepted into your choice post secondary institution either, so stop saying that you will!

Another thing that really gets old fast is the way that young college applicants attempt to sound mature in there personal statement as if they are wise beyond their years. As important as it is to take the writing process seriously, you do not have to write it like an old stale granny with all the weight of the world on her shoulders. The application readers know that you are a young high school student who has just graduated, that doesn’t surprise them. In fact, why would you be filling in a college application if you weren't? The better approach is to write your personal statement as someone who is humbly willing to learn and has a lot to gain from a college or university education. Believe it or not, one thing that application readers look for is "willingness to learn". They want the students that are accepted to be open-minded individuals who are eager to study. Not know-it-all fancy dandy's who think they know everything about the world. Take our word for it; humility is a lot more becoming then arrogance and when it comes to your personal statement it is better to appear humble.

The final thing that students should focus on when they write their first personal statement is being detailed and concise. Don't vaguely mention your accomplishments or skimp on the detail this a can appear phony. When listing things that you have done or awards that you have received use specific dates like: on June 22 2013 I was voted MVP on my Juniors Basketball Team for the 2013 season. This sort of conciseness adds additional value to your statement AND makes it appear a lot more authentic. You'll get kudos for using specific dates that are accurate and can be verified easily because so many students forget to do this.

There you have it, the surefire way to write a fantastic personal statement for your College or University application. Also, don't forget to state your purpose for applying and outline your goals! Good Luck, and happy application writing.