Belief in God

Belief in God is belief in your own as in; the way you are known to yourself nothing else is known. The parents are the visible God and the God is our invisible parent who is always with us in all the circumstances. All of us are from religious backgrounds somewhere so we are known to it that whatever the situation will be there our Almighty father will always be there for us to keep us safe and happy. As much as you go near to the God he will come more close to you.

Belief in God is to believe that our father is there with us all the time, but going to the God only whenever you are in a problem is not the belief in God. Do we go to our father or mother only when we are in problem or messed up in any issue; the answer is no we go to our parents regularly to be happy, to feel safe, to share our views and in return they give us the right suggestion and advice to get the things on more good levels. Similarly we should do with our God, he will look after us in all the situations and will intimate us on our any wrong steps with any intuition in us, just like our parents stops us when we do something wrong.

We all are the children of our Almighty God; he will always keep us happy, healthy and will fulfill our all the wishes. Jesus never want his child to suffer from any problem but he wanted his children to be happy all the time, he (Jesus) came to the world not to dominate it but to make it a more pure, beautiful place for his children to live peacefully and happily. He will never send any of his children to hell; he will always keep his lovely children with him in heaven. So Belief in God is assuring ourselves that he is with us every time.

Not to be a skeptic person is not belief in God, your belief in almighty should be hard and firm. The belief in God should always be there whatever the circumstances or situations may arise but you should be clear with that he is there with you. Believing in God makes you fearless, free from all the worries, sets you at a level of stability and significantly makes you live the life in a lovely and peaceful way like he wants his children to live it.