Factors Affecting the Teaching of Computer in Senior Secondary School

Never in history has technology developed as rapidly as it has in the years associated with computers. Those who do not keep up with the development of computer technology will be lost in today’s society. The failure of economic and industrial development highly depends on technological developments. This means that our education systems need to change in response to the developing technology.

For secondary school level, a range of computer literacy and awareness courses has been developed around the world since the early 1970s in response to need for change in education to complement and development of computer technology in society. Here we see some of the factors that affect the computer literacy of secondary students because there is need to prepare student for another basic necessity of today’s life and so he will be able to work in a computer technology based society.

If school systems are designed in such a way that their main focus is to solve student’s problems toward computer based technological society, then educators must know the factors that affect their way. For encouraging students toward technological development there is need to investigate students interaction with computer technology, their skills and knowledge associated with the use of computer and the present and forecast future utilization of computer technology.

This is a keen wish of almost all students to learn about computers. Students who are entering to new level of study that is, secondary school have little knowledge about computers. They never know that how computer systems work or how effectively they are used for different purposes. Although they have positive attitudes towards the use of computers but may feel that they lack confidence or the necessary knowledge and skills. They see the computer as a useful tool but on other hand they found it complex and difficult to understand. Therefore, schools need to work to maintain these positive attitudes and provide students with experiences which develop their confidence in using computers.

The other important computer characteristic which is a factor in student use of computers was the reliability of hardware. Students lose confidence in computer technology if their own computer use is characterized by unreliability. For this there is need that school provides them crucial learning environment for the development of computer literacy. So our students will highly motivate toward technology based society with full confidence and success.